Client Testimonials

If you aren't sure what the benefits of oncology massage are, sometimes it helps to read a little about what others have experienced and how they have benefited from this specialised type of massage.  Below are some testimonials written by recent clients of their experiences.

"I am delighted to recommend the Touch of Peace Oncology Massage to anyone undergoing or recovering from Chemotherapy.

After weeks of experiencing uncomfortable and invasive tests, it was blissful to receive an hour of nurturing touch and pampering from Deb, and my body responded incredibly well to her light, gentle touch. Along with promoting physical and mental relaxation during the massage sessions, I feel sure that Deb’s massage helped to reduce the side effects of the intense Chemotherapy regime while her warm, caring manner added greatly to my emotional well being.

Deb’s ingenious placement of towels to accommodate my painful breast and Porta-Carth allowed me to lie down on my stomach for the first time in almost a year and to relax even more deeply than I imagined was possible while undergoing treatment.

While I was in the throes of Chemotherapy, Deb came to my home and created a sacred space there with fluffy towels, fragrant massage oils and peaceful music yet after chemotherapy ended, I was equally excited to drive to her beautiful studio in Rye for an even more sumptuous experience (I LOVE the hot towels on my feet!!!)

Deb demonstrated a great deal of empathy and sensitivity during our session together, taking into account my mental and emotional needs along with my physical well being.

I feel so grateful to be able to experience such a powerful massage treatment that was not only deeply healing and affordable yet had no harmful side effects.

Thank you Deb for your warm, professional support during a very challenging time in my life!"