Changing things up...

Life is full of ups and downs; and no one is immune to pain, grief, trauma or loss at some point in their lives.

Many of these experiences leave us feeling anxious, sad, depressed, wounded and confused...why me?

It can be easy to fall ‘victim’ to the victim mentality when things are tough.

Taking control of your life is a powerful step to take, and there are tools to help in making life changes to set you on your path to true personal transformation.

If you are feeling sad, depressed, confused or like pulling the covers over your head and just hoping it will all go away, then there’s a good chance it’s time for change.

If you’ve lost your sense of purpose or direction or forgotten who you are, then perhaps it’s time to remember.  

We are all gifted with an innate ability to find the answers to these problems and issues, but sometimes we just need a little help.

Meditation and Mindfulness are a good start and are great tools to add to your self-help skillset.

We also offer healing sessions and soon we will be offering life counselling.

Applying Mindfulness in everyday life

Mindfulness practice can be considered gentle, appreciative, nurturing and it might be thought of as ‘heartfulness’.

It is the art of conscious living, allowing us to see more clearly ‘what is’ rather than through the prejudice, projections, opinions and expectations that we have acquired.

Mindfulness is a simple concept and essentially means paying attention to the present moment, without judgement and with acceptance for what is.

The majority of us live most of our lives on auto-pilot, unaware of the richness, wisdom and vitality to be found in the present moment.

Although mindfulness is considered a practice it can be applied in a very natural way.

Eating, bathing, cooking, making a cup of tea, brushing your teeth, being with your children; all can be done with a deeper engagement in the present moment.

Experiment with being present while doing a selection of your daily activities and notice how you feel. Notice the smells, the sounds, what you see, how things feel and the tastes and flavours of life.

Opening up to each moment with presence will bring deeper meaning to life, and greater awareness of the simple joys of life.

Mindfulness and meditation are proven to help:

• find peace and calm
• improve health of mind/body
• manage stress, anxiety and depression
 • grow insight and self awareness
• clear thinking
• increase efficiency and effectiveness
• clearer communication
• regulate your emotions
• find clarity, peace, happiness in focused awareness
• greater control over ourselves and our reactions
• greater awareness of thoughts, feeling, sensations
• non-judgement and acceptance about changing experiences
• less reactive to moment to moment experiences

Inner alchemy: changing things from the inside out


reboot and refresh  healing session (60 minutes)

Begin your inner transformation with a personalised healing session. Incorporating Theta Healing and using reiki to create a calm and peaceful space, we will explore the issues that are holding you back from living your best life. Life is too short to live with low self-esteem, carry pain, shame, guilt, or regrets. In this session you will find greater self-awareness, be prompted to let go of old, unhelpful beliefs and will leave feeling 'lighter' and more at peace. Be guided and supported to make positive change in your life.


intuitive healing/massage (75 minutes)

If you have had an unwelcome relationship with anxiety, depression, stress, overthinking and worrying, or a history of trauma or pain that hasn't allowed you to move forward then a healing massage could be just what you need. Our bodies hold memories, stored pain and emotions which can be manifested as illness and dis-ease. The combination of nurturing massage, reiki, guided meditation and visualisations will help you to release blockages, re-imagine a future free of burdens and create space for your own healing journey.


rest and heal (90 minutes)

Enjoy a 60 minute relaxation massage along with a little attention to those problem areas, finishing with a 30 minute reiki treatment. The non-invasive, gentle touch of reiki will help promote relaxation, healing and an overall feeling of wellbeing. If you are feeling stressed, anxious or depressed, Reiki can provide great comfort and bring relief from stress as well as a little peace.


I have been a Peninsula resident for approximately 27 years now and love the lifestyle that we enjoy here.

I have a history working with children as an Early Childhood Educator (Dip. Teaching Early Childhood) but in recent times I have been operating my own business

offering massage and more recently healing therapies such as reiki, theta healing and meditation and mindfulness.

I am currently studying a Diploma in Counselling and look forward to helping others through difficult and challenging times.

I am passionate about living the best life possible, and am excited to help others do the same.