group bookings and girls weekends

Birthdays, Hen's Parties, Conferences, Girl's Weekends Away...Whatever the occasion we can put together a group experience suited to your needs. Just call, or email your details and your requirements as well as the location and we'll work it all out for you..Please note prices on this page are mobile and based on us coming to you!

Group bookings must be paid prior to the booking unless alternative arrangements have been made.

Looking for somewhere to stay? here for some great local options

relaxation massage
Imagine a state of relaxation so deep that you may just fall asleep...or drift away to another place while your body is gently and rhythmically encouraged to let go of every last remnant of tension...a massage of stress relieving bliss...
30 minutes - $65

45 minutes - $80

60 minutes - $110

deep tissue massage
A massage that is relaxing but at the same time personally designed to relieve areas of stress and tension; easing tired muscles and promoting a relaxed feeling of wellness. This is a massage that provides stronger pressure for those areas that need it whilst still providing an overall feeling of relaxation.
30 minutes - $80

45 minutes - $95

60 minutes - $120

rejuvenating organic facial
Enjoy a 30 minute facial in total relaxation while your face, neck and decolletage are massaged and pampered leaving you rejuvenated and glowing no matter what your skin type...

nourishing scalp pamper
Experience bliss with an extended head and neck massage, incorporating a heated organic hair and scalp treatment and hot towels...mmmmmm

revitalizing feet treat
Relax while your feet are massaged, pampered, scrubbed, nourished and moisturised all while you drift away....

karma exfoliation treatment
Feel relaxed, rejuvenated and silky smooth with this 80 minute treatment incorporating 60 minutes of relaxing massage followed by a gentle exfoliation treatment using organic celtic sea salt and essential oils

group belly dance workshop (90 minutes)

Many experts say belly dancing is the oldest form of dance traditionally being performed by women for other women, generally during fertility rites or marriage preparation ceremonies. The dance often focuses upon isolating different parts of the body, moving them independently in sensuous patterns, weaving together the entire feminine form.

Belly dancing is generally performed barefoot, thought to emphasise the intimate physical connection between the dancer and Mother Earth.

Book yourself a session with our talented belly dancing teacher for a fun addition to your weekend away, and learn some new skills at the same time!

Suitable for beginners

group yoga class (90 minutes)

Yoga is an ancient Indian philosophy dating back thousands of years. Historically it was designed as a path to spiritual enlightenment, but in modern times the physical aspects of yoga have found great popularity as a gentle form of exercise and stress management. There are many different varieties of yoga, but each one essentially relies on structured poses (asanas) practised with breath awareness. Over time many yoga practitioners report lower levels of stress and increased feelings of happiness and wellbeing.

Suitable for beginners 

Deb has been an intuitive empath for most of her life. With a colourful mixed gypsy heritage including Greek, Polynesian, French and English she has a wealth of knowledge into the arts of clairvoyance, clairaudience and ThetaHealing. Over the years she has channelled those abilities into skills to help many people on their paths towards health, wealth & happiness.

Leah Maree offers intuitive angel readings to help clear blockages and give you confidence on your path. Incorporating tarot, mediumship and reiki.

Michele is a long time Peninsula resident based at beautiful St Andrews Beach. She has her own Healing Centre and runs courses, workshops, meditation and psychic development groups. Michele also gives Angel Readings and can provide channelled readings for those desiring them. Crystal Readings and Chakra Balancing are also amongst her talents. Her passion is in assisting healing and understanding of our divine purpose.