Meditations for kids

Meditations for kids started as a little project that I thought might help mums and dads while home schooling during lockdown. The feedback has been great with parents commenting that their children enjoyed them and were calmer after partcipating.  Please feel free to share these with your children whenever you like. More coming soon :)

Loving Kindness

Loving kindness or metta is a Buddhist meditation that is practiced to develop compassion for ourselves and for others, and to help us to be more open hearted and practice unconditional love. It encourages a feeling of connection to others, non-judgement, non-discrimination as well as self compassion and love. (approx 6 mins)

Waterfall Meditation

A lovely guided meditation for kids, taking them on an adventure across the fields, along the creek and to the secret waterfall. (approx 5 mins)

Inner Sanctuary

Everyone is experiencing a little stress at the moment.... This is a guided meditation that takes children on a journey to find their inner sanctuary; a place of peace and safety that they can connect with at any time. Parents might like it too!
If they’re still awake after it’s a nice time to have a gentle talk about what they found and saw. I hope you enjoy it with them...sometimes we all need a place of peace ❤️

Next meditation

Coming soon

Inner Alchemy

I have been a Peninsula resident for approximately 27 years now and love the lifestyle that we have down here. I have a history working with children as an Early Childhood Educator (Dip. Teaching Early Childhood) but in recent times I have been operating my own business offering massage and more recently healing therapies such as reiki, theta healing and meditation and mindfulness. I am currently studying a Diploma in Counselling and love the new techniques I'm learning about. I am passionate about living the best life possible, and am excited to help others do the same.